EON® Laser Body Contouring vs. CoolSculpting: Which is Right for You?

fit woman sunbathingIn the world of non-surgical fat reduction, two popular treatments sit at the top: EON® and CoolSculpting® Elite. Are you trying to choose between them? Here’s how these slimming and shaping services stack up when it comes to important factors such as:

  • Comfort level: Both fat reduction treatments are far more comfortable than surgery. CoolSculpting involves feelings of light suction and intense cold before the target area becomes numb. Meanwhile, EON® features touchless and gentle technology. In clinical trials, patients reported high levels of comfort and said they were likely to recommend the service to others. 
  • Appointment duration: EON offers quicker appointments than the competition. It can treat more surface area in less time. With this type of fat reduction, there’s no need for messy gels or post-treatment massages. However, CoolSculpting Elite can target up to four areas at one time, while EON can only do one. 
  • Treatable areas: CoolSculpting has been on the market long enough to become FDA-cleared to eliminate unwanted fat in nine different areas of the body. Those areas include under the chin, the thighs, the abdomen, the bra fat region, and the upper arms, to name a few. EON, on the other hand, is new to the game. It’s currently FDA-cleared for abdominal fat reduction alone. More treatment areas are coming soon — ask our team if it can work for your problem spots. 
  • Number of sessions: EON offers noticeable results after a single treatment. It can be repeated for maximum body contouring. With CoolSculpting, most people need two or three appointments to achieve their desired look. 
  • Downtime: Neither treatment has any downtime. That’s great news for busy patients like you who want to get back to their normal activities right away. 
  • Results: Studies showed that EON patients experienced an extraordinary average fat reduction of 21.6% after just one treatment! That number climbed to 25.3% when looking at the lower abdomen. Some patients lost as much as 40%! Meanwhile, CoolSculpting has demonstrated a 20-25% fat reduction in the target area after a single session. Keep in mind that results depend on the patient and the area being treated. 
  • Technology: EON is smart. It uses an intelligent robotic arm to scan and map the treatment area before delivering simultaneous laser energy and cooling. CoolSculpting is more of a manual process based on the basic principle of fat freezing.

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