5 Things You May Not Know About CoolSculpting®

You’ve heard there’s a one-of-a-kind treatment that can freeze away stubborn fat, and you’re interested. But before you commit to CoolSculpting®, you want to know everything there is to know. Below, we go beyond the basics to explain some surprising facts about this non-surgical service.

1. CoolSculpting Works Using Cryolipolysis

CoolSculpting® eliminates fat cells using cryolipolysis, another word for fat freezing. During a treatment, the comfortable CoolSculpting applicator chills the underlying fat cells until they reach a specific temperature. When that happens, the cells freeze and die.

This process does not affect the surrounding skin or tissue. After the session, your body will start working to eliminate the dead fat cells naturally. This process is gradual and can take anywhere from three weeks to several months.

2. Treated Fat Cells Are Gone for Good

coolsculpting results
Woman after CoolSculpting in Lone TreeAs an adult, you have a fixed number of fat cells in your body. When these cells are removed, whether through a surgery like liposuction or a treatment like CoolSculpting, they can’t come back.

Since the fat cells are gone for good, your results are essentially permanent. However, it is possible to gain weight after CoolSculpting if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Weight gain will cause fat cells inside and outside of the treatment area to expand, potentially creating unwanted bulges. If you start eating well and exercising again, the cells will shrink. This process of weight gain and loss is the same as it was before treatment.


3. It Can Tone More Than Just Your Tummy

CoolSculpting is designed to reduce stubborn fat on nearly every part of your body. In fact, there are now nine FDA-cleared treatment areas! This number will likely increase as new clinical tests emerge.

Many people decide to treat several different areas in order to see the most significant improvement. You may consider CoolSculpting to address stubborn areas such as your:

  • Thighs
  • Stomach
  • Arms
  • Bra bulge
  • Back
  • Double chin

4. You Can Multitask During Your Session

The average CoolSculpting session lasts between 35 and 60 minutes. We encourage you to bring a book, laptop or your phone so you’ll have something to keep you entertained.

Initially, you will likely experience the feeling of tugging, pulling, or pinching in the treatment area, as well as intense cold. However, these sensations subside quickly, leaving you free to read or answer emails comfortably.

5. CoolSculpting Requires Little to No Downtime

Unlike surgical fat removal, CoolSculpting requires little to no downtime. The lack of a recovery period is one of the reasons why this treatment is so popular.

Many people return to their normal routines after a session. You may choose to go back to work, visit friends, take a fitness class, or return home to relax. Keep in mind that it is possible to experience mild swelling or redness after a session.

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