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Do you find that your eyes constantly look tired? Perhaps you don’t even realize that your eyelids are low-lying, but acquired ptosis (low-lying lids) is a very common condition in adults of all ages, and increases along with age. The muscles in the eyelid stretch and ultimately weaken over time, allowing the lid to droop.

In addition to affecting your appearance, acquired ptosis can impact your eyesight and reduce your field of vision. Ptosis of the eyelids can affect reading, driving and computer use.

Upneeq is the only FDA-approved prescription eyedrop for acquired ptosis (low-lying lids) that lifts your upper eyelids to open your eyes. Upneeq can lift your lids quickly (around 15 minutes) and in clinical trials, 74% of patients had more than a 50% improvement. Additionally, Upneeq helps brighten the whites of your eyes, truly enhancing the overall aesthetic of your eyes.

It’s simple: open a vial of the eyedrop and place in both eyes and see the results over the next 15 minutes! Or, take the “one eye challenge” at our office to really show there difference! We’ll place one drop in your eye prior to your treatment and by the end of your treatment, you’ll see the incredible difference these drops will make on your appearance.

Check out photos in our Before & After Gallery!

If you’re interested in learning more about Upneeq, we’d love to tell you more about it in our office. Text 303-622-5587 to schedule an appointment.

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