Double Chin Treatment With Kybella®

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Are you unhappy with excess fat beneath your chin? A double chin can be the result of aging or weight fluctuations. Or you may have been living with the extra under-chin fat most of your life, if it’s the result of genetics. Whatever the cause, if your double chin leaves you feeling less than confident about your appearance, Kybella® may be the right way to eliminate the fat.

Without surgery, Kybella eliminates targeted fat cells under the chin (also called “sub-mental fat”). Here’s how it works:

  • Kybella is made with a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid
  • Deoxycholic acid exists naturally in your body, where it breaks down dietary fat
  • When injected in the fat beneath your chin, it destroys those fat cells
  • The destroyed cells can no longer accumulate or store fat

Once the desired results have been reached, those results should be permanent – you could see a return of under-chin fat if you experience new weight gain. But the cells that are destroyed, are destroyed for good.

The treatment itself is fast and generally painless. Most people describe the injections as a slight pinching sensation. Kybella contains lidocaine to numb the treatment area.

Most people require at least 2 treatment sessions, although as many as 6 may be suggested. It depends on your individual chin fullness. Our experienced team will make sure you know what to expect from treatment.

To find out if Kybella is right for you, please call our Denver-area office at 720-457-4471, to arrange a complimentary consultation. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are proud to provide advanced, state-of-the-art injectables and cosmetic surgery techniques at our Lone Tree, CO practice.

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