Preparing for Your BOTOX® Cosmetic Appointment

BOTOX® Cosmetic can have a transformative effect on your appearance and self-esteem, restoring your youthful visage by minimizing wrinkles, laugh and frown lines, and crow’s feet. Preparing for your appointment will streamline the process for now and future appointments. Here’s how.

Preparing for Your BOTOX Cosmetic Appointment

1. Watch Your Medications

You should review the medications you take with your doctor during a consultation ahead of your first BOTOX Cosmetic appointment. Your doctor will recommend that you temporarily stop medications, such as blood thinners, some supplements, and anti-inflammatory medications. Some medications can increase bruising risks, while anti-inflammatory medications can also contribute to discoloration.

2. No Garlic in Your Diet

Garlic has the ability to increase the risk of bruising. For this reason, you will want to omit garlic from your diet several days ahead of treatment. Additionally, you should refrain from consuming garlic for at least one week after receiving BOTOX Cosmetic.

3. Cut Out Wine Before BOTOX Cosmetic

Before your BOTOX Cosmetic appointment, you will want to stop consuming wine. Like garlic, wine elevates your risk of bruising at the injection site. Even though red wine is the biggest culprit, any wine has the potential to increase your risk. To achieve the best results, you should stop drinking wine at least one week before treatment.

4. Use Arnica

Consider adding arnica to your regime prior to treatment. Arnica is an herb frequently used in osteoarthritis treatments but can also alleviate pain and swelling. Incorporating this herb into your routine before BOTOX Cosmetic can aid in recovery.

Begin taking tablets at least five days before your treatment and no more than four days. Continue with the arnica tablets after BOTOX Cosmetic, based on your surgeon’s recommendation to stave off bruising.

5. Keep Your Face Clean

Put your best face forward on the day of your BOTOX Cosmetic appointment, literally. Wash your face to remove dirt, moisturizers, anti-aging treatments, makeup, and skin oils. Use soap and warm water. Your doctor will also use rubbing alcohol or an antiseptic over the area anyway before you receive injections.

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BOTOX Cosmetic is an excellent option for reducing signs of aging without undergoing surgery. If you are interested in exploring the benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic for yourself, contact our team at Park Meadows Aesthetics to Schedule an appointment at our Lone Tree, CO, office by calling (303) 662-8668.

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