3 Quick Ways to Look — and Feel — Great for Summer

Women after EON body contouring Do you want tips for eliminating fat, increasing energy, and getting your legs ready for shorts season? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up three in-demand treatments that can deliver fast results.

1. Burn Fat with EON® Laser Body Contouring

If you’re struggling to get rid of belly fat through diet and exercise, EON laser body contouring could be your perfect match. It’s an innovative way to tone your figure without surgery or downtime. Using new touchless technology, EON delivers a comfortable experience and real results.

In clinical trials, EON provided 25.3% average fat reduction in the lower abdomen with just one treatment. Other non-invasive body contouring treatments require several sessions to achieve similar outcomes.

While the best improvement is seen at 12 weeks, you’ll notice some flattering results before summer is over. Just be sure to schedule your treatment soon!

2. Upgrade Your Wellness Routine with IV Therapy

Are you feeling under the weather or run-down? Do you want to burn fat and boost your metabolism? What about a desire to take your workouts to the next level? IV therapy can help with all these things — and more!

IV therapy is an effective wellness tool that you can easily add to your routine. We offer a variety of fluid blends, including athletic performance, recovery, and immunity. You can also choose from add-ons such as M.I.C., which helps with fat burning and metabolism and is comparable to LipoLean.

3. Fade Visible Veins with Sclerotherapy

Spider veins and varicose veins on your legs can make you feel self-conscious. They’re particularly noticeable in the summertime because you’ll be wearing more shorts and dresses.

Fortunately, sclerotherapy can help you get smoother and more even skin. After this minimally invasive vein correcting procedure, you’ll be able to bare your legs with confidence.

Explore Your Treatment Options During a Free Consultation

Park Meadows Aesthetics offers a wide array of non-surgical services that are perfect for a pre-summer refresh. Schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation at 303-662-8668 to learn about your options. We happily serve Lone Tree, Denver, and nearby areas of Colorado.


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