How Safe is Microneedling At Home?

smiling woman sitting at table with bottles of essential oil in room Personal skincare tools have an undeniable appeal. Options like microcurrent toning devices, lymphatic drainage rollers, LED light wands, and facial steamers promise to improve your complexion without visiting an aesthetic professional. That said, there are some treatments you shouldn’t take into your own hands. Microneedling is one of them due to the potential risks.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling involves pricking the skin with a tool packed with tiny needles. The purpose is to trigger a wound healing response that generates new collagen and elastin. These proteins, which are responsible for a healthy and youthful appearance, decrease with age.

Microneedling can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also known to remodel scar tissue.

The process of microneedling also boosts the absorption of topical skincare products. These products can readily penetrate the treated area due to the small channels created in the skin.

Risks of At-Home Microneedling

The idea of pressing numerous small needles against your delicate skin is intimidating. And for a good reason, because microneedling your skin at home comes with an array of potential risks.

The biggest issue is that professional-depth needles for deep penetration are now available to the public in the form of microneedling rollers (sometimes called dermarollers) and stamping devices. They can be very painful to use because your skin won’t be numb during the treatment.

These devices can puncture too far, introduce bacteria to the skin, and cause scarring. You can easily apply too much pressure. And as the needles become dull, these issues get worse.

Book a Professional Microneedling Consultation

Aesthetic professionals carefully screen microneedling candidates with an in-depth consultation and skin assessment. This process also allows them to select the appropriate needle size and determine the areas that need to be treated. It helps to ensure a safe and effective experience.

In addition to employing these necessary steps, our team uses an advanced microneedling treatment called ProcellTM MicroChanneling. It features micro-filaments to stimulate the skin with minimal damage. We finish with a special solution and send you home with aftercare products.

Call 303-662–8668 today to schedule a microchanneling consultation. Park Meadows Aesthetics serves Lone Tree, Denver, and nearby areas of Colorado.

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