Is EON® Laser Body Contouring Permanent?

Eon patient in lone treeMost things that promise fast fat loss without surgery are too good to be true. Sure, quick fixes might help you slim down in the short term, but they rarely provide the long-lasting results that you want. That is, unless we’re talking about EON® laser body contouring.

EON is an FDA-cleared device that provides permanent fat reduction in your abdomen in just one 60-minute session. You can enjoy your new look forever — with a bit of maintenance.

EON Permanently Removes Fat Cells

EON banishes unwanted fat using laser energy. When fat cells are exposed to heat during the treatment, they start to die.

Not only is this method of fat elimination gentle on the body, but it doesn’t cause inflammation or downtime either. Smart cooling technology and a non-contact treatment head ensure that the entire process is very comfortable.

Your lymphatic system will then get to work removing the treated cells. Best of all, these cells will not regrow or be replaced. That’s because the adult body has a fixed number of fat cells.

How to Protect Your Treatment Results

EON doesn’t remove every last fat cell from the treated area. And just like other fat cells in your body, the ones that remain in the treatment area can get bigger with weight gain. If that happens, it could hurt your cosmetic results.

The best thing that you can do to maintain your slimmer figure is to stay at or near your post-treatment body weight. Eating healthy, staying hydrated, and exercising regularly are simple steps that will help keep you on track.

Get Started with a Complimentary Consultation

Are you tired of trying to lose that stubborn bulge or unwanted belly fat? EON is a solution that really works. EON delivered 21.6% average fat reduction in a single treatment during clinical trials. It’s an effective and efficient way to transform your body.

Our team loves EON and is excited to offer patients another option for non-invasive fat reduction. Call 303-662-8668 to schedule your complimentary cosmetic consultation. We proudly serve Denver, Lone Tree, and nearby areas of Colorado.


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