3 Unexpected Uses for Dermal Fillers

By Park Meadows Aesthetics | December 18, 2020
Woman looking in mirror

You probably know dermal fillers for their ability to reduce wrinkles and enhance lips. But that doesn’t mean you should box them in — there are plenty of other things that these versatile injectables can do! Here are three unexpected ways our Aesthetic Nurse Injectors use fillers in Lone Tree. 1. Smoothing Out Scars Depressed […]

Popular BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment Areas

By Park Meadows Aesthetics | November 30, 2020
botox treatment areas

Our Aesthetic Nurse Injectors in Lone Tree administer BOTOX® Cosmetic for a variety of reasons. Its most common function is to improve the looks of fine lines and superficial wrinkles. Here are some of the most popular facial areas for BOTOX® injections — and one area of the body. Learn how BOTOX® Cosmetic can address […]

How To Get Rid of Spider and Varicose Veins

By Park Meadows Aesthetics | November 25, 2020
spider veins before sclerotherapy

Spider and varicose veins can make you want to hide your legs. But they can also affect more than just your appearance. Some of these damaged veins cause pain, fatigue, and itching, especially when you stand for extended periods. If you have these symptoms or are bothered by the look of veins on your legs […]

IV Therapy for Athletic Performance and Recovery

By Park Meadows Aesthetics | November 23, 2020
Woman snowboarding after IV therapy

Coloradans are known for being active. We’re always looking to push our bodies, whether that means competing in a race, crushing a CrossFit class, or skiing down a mountain. And it’s no secret that these activities can be physically demanding. That’s why more athletes in the Denver area are turning to IV Therapy to promote […]

Lengthen, thicken, and darken lashes with Latisse

By wpengine | October 30, 2020
eyelash extension procedure woman eye with long eyelashes close up picture id1031432808

Do you struggle with thin or short eyelashes? Does mascara irritate your eyes and make it difficult to look your best? Do you have conditions that cause a lack of eyebrows or severe thinning that makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance? At Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a variety of solutions for patients […]

Using Belotero Balance to restore your youthful appearance

By Park Meadows Aesthetics | October 15, 2020

At Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery, Lone Tree, Colorado area patients can access solutions for the face and body. While plastic surgery may be right for some patients, others want to avoid the invasive and expensive procedures for as long as possible. While facelifts are often used to address skin laxity and wrinkles on the face, […]

How Juvéderm can provide anti-aging benefits without cosmetic surgery

By wpengine | September 30, 2020
copy of istock 1133160639 1

Juvéderm is one of many different dermal fillers available on the market today. This dermal filler, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid, benefits patients who want to reverse the signs of aging or add volume to their lips. Juvéderm is a special injection treatment that is used in enhancing many areas of the face without […]

Kybella: noninvasive treatment for that double chin!

By wpengine | September 15, 2020
adobestock 317752701 1

The team of Park Meadows Aesthetics see many adult patients with unique situations they would like to resolve. Men and women who are dealing with a “double chin,” resulting from extra fat underneath the jaw area, are often embarrassed at how heavy it makes them look. The double chin, medically known as “submental fullness,” can […]

Xeomin for treating dynamic facial wrinkles

By wpengine | August 30, 2020
istock 481071397 1

As we age, we begin to notice changes on our face. This includes loose skin and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Most patients immediately think of a facelift when considering cosmetic solutions, however, not everyone is a good candidate. Additionally, some patients want a solution that doesn’t require surgical intervention. When adult men […]

Say goodbye to your double chin with Kybella injections!

By wpengine | August 15, 2020

If you shy away from cameras because of your double chin, you are not alone. We always want to look our best, but it can be hard when we have excess fat underneath the chin and jaw. This excess fat, known as “submental fullness,” can cause individuals to lose definition of their jawline and look […]


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