What Are the Benefits of Lumecca IPL?

Intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) is a technique for ablating or removing the upper layers of skin cells. It’s commonly used to treat various skin conditions like acne, inconsistent skin pigmentation, rosacea, and spider veins. Many IPL treatments are currently available, including Lumecca. This proprietary treatment is known in the aesthetic industry for its outstanding results and shorter recovery periods. It is vital to understand the benefits of Lumecca IPL and how this treatment compares to to traditional IPL for slowing the progression of visible aging.

Lumecca ILP vs Traditional IPL

Different Technology

The primary technological difference between Lumecca IPL and traditional IPL is that Lumecca uses a higher intensity of light. In particular, the light from Lumecca has a larger diameter and higher pulse rate. These features allow Lumecca to penetrate the skin more deeply, making it more effective at treating skin conditions. Patients also like Lumecca because it requires fewer sessions, resulting in a faster recovery.

Treatment Time

The high efficiency of Lumecca means that the sessions are shorter than those of traditional IPL while still providing transformative results. The exact session time depends on the size of the treatment area, but most sessions can be completed within 30 minutes. This short time period means that you can undergo Lumecca with minimal disruption to your life.

Number of Sessions

The number of sessions is also less with Lumecca. Other IPL treatments require up to six sessions for each area, while Lumecca typically requires no more than two.


Patients experience less discomfort from Lumecca for a couple of reasons. First, the light from an IPL device is hot, which can make the sessions uncomfortable. Unlike traditional IPL, Lumecca has a sapphire tip, which provides a cooling effect. Second, the higher efficiency of Lumecca means that less heat is absorbed by surrounding tissue, creating less of a burning sensation during treatment.

Schedule Your Lumecca IPL Consultation

Lumecca IPL can heal your skin from the damage caused by years of exposure to the sun. It also produces a smooth, even-toned complexion with less discomfort than traditional IPL. Contact Park Meadows Aesthetics at 303-662-8668 to schedule your consultation and learn more about whether Lumecca is right for you. We can meet with you at our Lone Tree, CO, office to discuss your aesthetic goals and how this treatment can help.

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