What’s The Difference Between BOTOX® and Xeomin®?

When it comes to non-surgical treatments for reducing facial lines and wrinkles, more clients are turning to either BOTOX® and Xeomin®.

Both are injectable prescription medicines used to improve the appearance of moderate to severe lines, particularly between the eyebrows. In addition, BOTOX and Xeomin have unique benefits, depending on the client’s preferences.

How Does Xeomin Work? 

Xeomin is similar to BOTOX, targeting the muscles responsible for facial expressions, especially the ones that cause frown lines.

By temporarily reducing muscle contractions in the treated area, Xeomin helps soften and diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The treatment is administered by licensed nurse injectors who strategically place the injections. At Park Meadows Aesthetics, we aim for a natural-looking result, ensuring that you still look like yourself, but with fewer frown lines.

Differences Between Xeomin and BOTOX Cosmetic

The primary difference between Xeomin and BOTOX Cosmetic is found in their composition. We refer to Xeomin as a “naked” injectable because it doesn’t contain any additives or accessory proteins. It’s purified to include only the active therapeutic component. On the other hand, BOTOX Cosmetic (as well as other botulinum toxin type A products) contains proteins that some clinicians now think are unnecessary for achieving the best results.

At the moment, no studies have been conducted to determine the long-term safety or efficacy related to the presence of accessory proteins. However, it’s believed that Xeomin’s “naked” nature may reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions or resistance to the product over time.

This has led to Xeomin being referred to as “naked BOTOX.”

The Benefits of Xeomin

Xeomin offers a few benefits that have made it an increasingly appealing option for those looking to enhance their appearance. Benefits include:

  • Prevention and Reduction of Wrinkles: Xeomin effectively reduces the appearance of many facial wrinkles. By limiting muscle contractions, Xeomin also helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles.
  • Minimal Downtime: Xeomin treatments typically require little to no downtime. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure, making it a convenient option for busy professionals.

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