What Causes Eyelash Loss?

You wake up in the morning and start your normal routine. While the coffee is still brewing, you decide to put on your basic makeup for the day when you notice something unsettling. Your eyelashes are thinning. Losing eyelashes is normal, but excessive amounts of eyelash loss can be emotionally distressing and make it difficult to use makeup like mascara. Thankfully, eyelash-enhancing serum treatments like Obagi Nu-Cil™ can be used to help restore lost eyelashes. Let’s take a look at what causes eyelash loss.


As with many things, age seems to be the enemy. It is totally normal to have your hair thin on all parts of your body as you grow older, and that includes the eyelashes. While this can be distressing, more severe eyelash loss usually comes from multiple factors that become compounded as you age. Let’s explore some other causes of eyelash loss that can increase the thinning of your eyelashes as you age.

Improper Cosmetic Use

They say the eyes are the windows into the soul, and cosmetics like makeup are often used to enhance them. One of the most common makeup applications used is mascara on the eyelashes. This is done to make your eyelashes appear darker and thicker. However, aggressive application and sleeping in mascara can damage the eyelashes. Eyelash curlers, especially heated ones, can also damage the eyelashes over time. One of the most damaging eyelash cosmetics is eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions have to be attached to the eyelashes with cosmetic glue. The eyelashes can become damaged with repeated gluing and removal.


As with most things in the body, your hair is supported and affected by your nutrition. Having a poor diet can make your hair weaker, thinner, and dull. A diet with proper nutrition will help prevent eyelash loss, and a poor diet could be the cause of your eyelash loss.

Seeking Treatment

Thankfully, treatments are available to help with eyelash loss. Our team at Park Meadows Aesthetics provides eyelash-enhancing serums like Obagi Nu-Cil to help restore your eyelashes. Our staff will walk you through the entire process and help answer any questions you may have. If you’re ready to have thicker, darker, and more lush eyelashes, then contact Park Meadows Aesthetics at 303-662-8668 today.

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